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We are so delighted that you have visited this website that was designed especially with you in mind. We truly believe that it is important that you understand the vision and mission of all that is in store for you, so we are sharing openly and hope that the message is clear.

The concept of Dvinely Me came to life through a woman who grew in understanding that women are priceless; the value of our contribution to the human experience cannot be expressed in words.

As women, we are the source of all human life; from our wombs both male and female gender babies are born. We nurture and nourish all who we care about, sometimes at the expense of all that is important for ourselves.

Loving and giving comes so natural to women and sometimes we are left feeling unappreciated and fatigued. To combat becoming overwhelmed by the demands of a woman’s daily life experiences, the concept of a website: dvinelyme.com was conceived.

This online platform provides a space where women’s wellbeing is prioritized and she is supported and encouraged to live her life at her highest frequency. Being totally aware that the result of this is not automatic, we all take small steps towards achieving a better version of the life that we now live, and because of the love that we are surrounded by it makes it possible and worth every effort.

Fueled by faith you can strive for every goal and dream; having confidence that you will achieve them because you rely on and embrace the Divine (God) within; your new mantra will be that: I am Dvinely Me.

The aim to attain total wellness of mind, body and spirit by designing and experiencing enriching lifestyles. How will we do this?

  • Education
  • Business Opportunities
  • Events
  • Special Projects

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions and we will be more than happy to answer them.

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