Club Excellence

Excellence is Worth Rewarding

When a thing is new, it can feel a bit strange or even unbelievable. You may be able to admit that our local culture for the most part can be quite casual at best and even uninspiring.

Substandard has subtly become the new normal and oftentimes excuses are the antidote for the is a poison that we have accidentally ingested. Yet, all the while “excellence” is the standard of our natural design.

Humans are the creation of an Excellent Spirit Whose nature we were designed to reflect. So it is that there is no other acceptable standard than for every person to exude excellence as a natural aura and to make no apology for it.

On October 27 lace of teaching excellence, where your children can feel at home while learning the skills that will help them thrive after their school years are over. As a parent, what more can you ask for?

Meet the Awardees for Excellence in Academics

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