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As women, we all desire to feel and look well; fitness ambitions usually evade us, most times due to lack of time. Yet, the value and benefit of being and feeling fit cannot be discounted, and as women who pursue enriching lifestyles we want to hold ourselves accountable to achieve fitness goals that will contribute to living life at a higher vibration and enjoy the feeling of being well.

In Chapter 23 of The Power of the Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian, the title is: Lord Heal Me and Help Me Care for My Body. After reading the chapter during each session of the recently hosted Book Clubs each woman acknowledged the need to be more deliberate about caring for our bodies.

The Scripture teaches that: “The body is the temple of the Lord…” ( ). The fact that our bodies is where the Spirit of God lives; additionally, as women we want to have the energy and enthusiasm to live vibrant and fulfilling lives. In our commitment to Celebrating Women, Virtuous Spring Water is supporting the Health and Fitness ambitions of women by creating a community where we can all learn, burn calories and enjoy great health.

I have embraced the importance of being fit and in my personal quest to find a fitness routine that is fun and effective I was led to Figure 8 Fitness. I encourage you to click the link and check it out.

The intention is to purchase the Workout Programme and make it available to all women who are interested in starting a workout regime to achieve health and fitness goals.

On July 1, the Figure 8 System will be available to all women who register and pay the monthly fee of JMD$1000. At this low cost per month you will have access to an online video platform with a variety of workout options to burn calories, have fun, gain flexibility and achieve your fitness goals.

To support your goals, you will have access to resources to track your progress. If you are interested, register by June 28.

What you will receive:

  1. Password Access to Figure 8 Portal
  2. Measurement Chart
  3. Workout schedule
  4. Nutrition Guide
  5. Short and Effective Videos to Burn Calories, Tone, and Strengthen Muscles
  6. Celebration & Rewards for Achieving Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

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