Our Team understands that “vision” is God’s gift to His children to know that there are great things in store for us.

Over 15 years ago the vision of what has blossomed into Dvinely Me was revealed to the Visionaries who you will soon meet. The end result would be the possibilities that are available to women when they embrace the love of God, pursue their purpose and enjoy the promises and blessings.

Two women who are totally devoted to God and His purpose held firm to what they saw in their minds’ eyes of what could be when women walk in faith and pursue God’s best for them.

Meet Shamelia and Elaine…

A daughter, wife, mother and visionary at heart, she always saw the world being in a better state than it is presently in, and was willing to do her part to make it so. She believes with all her heart that positive changes in the world is possible when change happens from within a person.

Shamelia has worked as a Financial Advisor, Educator and Entrepreneur. She learned that living a fulfilling life involved pursuing and discover her purpose, as intended by God. Her quest led her on a journey of self-discovery.

Fifteen (15) years ago she began the work of transformation in her personal life through prayer and the reading of God’s Word. The result was the renewal of her mind that then was ready to conceive the vision that God revealed to her, and planted deep in her heart.

Committed to the task of fulfilling her purpose to manifest the vision that God revealed, she armed herself with the weapons of prayer and faith and endeavoured to do that which would result in the manifestation of what was revealed.

Through her dedication to the task, exercising faith and using her skills and talents came to life. The website is the home to showcase the many gifts and talents God has planted in the hearts of women.

Her joy is supporting women to transform their lives through vision and pursuing purpose. Working in the capacity of a Transformational Life Coach she takes and makes opportunity to share the endless possibilities that are available to women when they walk in faith and obedience to God.

Wherever God leads, she faithfully follows. Elaine’s life work is evidence that she is committed to positively impacting the lives of women. Her passion is empowering females by sharing the wealth of knowledge she has attained through developing a personal relationship with God and the valuable life lessons she has learned.

A wife, mother and grandmother, Elaine lovingly cares for her family. Her love extends to her community in her service as a Justice of the Peace. She manages to balance her life through her understanding of her purpose and never misses the opportunity to touch a person’s life in a positive way.

Purpose is powerful, and like her daughter, Shamelia, she received Divine revelation that the role of women in the world is of great importance. She believes that when a woman discover her purpose she is destined for greatness.

Elaine works in partnership with Shamelia to contribute to the vision that has manifested as Dvinely Me. Seeking to master the art of Godly Living, Elaine opens her heart to every woman desiring to become who God created them to be and commits to pray fervently for them as they journey with God.

Her contribution to making the vision of a reality is priceless.

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